1 Year Anniversary Aftermath!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


1/2 cup of coffee, need more!

The 1 year birthday party was a grand success, some of our favorite people showed up, we ate, we drank, we danced, we sang hat songs, it was marvelous! Just some of the hi-lights: All of our parents were there, so sweet and so supportive, we received some great gifts, including a top hat clock that’s always stuck on 5:00 o’clock, Paul 1 and 4 sang their own version of “Secondhand Rose,” with funny lyrics like “even our clients who walk through the door, they had the nerve to tell us they have shopped here before.”

Here’s some photos that will you give you a better picture:

The Dwelles with Wendy and Olivia

The old PHW neon sign


Wendy and Uncle David, lookin' nice in straw!

Alex, our couterier who made our outfits!

Olivia and the Handsome Entertainer!

Angela Knox and Paul 1

Delicious carrot cake, yum! Thanks Laurie!

The Man Himself!

Our Handsome Entertainer! Thanks for all those toe-tapping tunes!

Our gardener looking grand in his new optimo!

Louie with Paul 3!

The moms of Paul 1 and 3

A toast!


To hats, to friends, to family!

Thanks for coming everyone!

~ Paul 1