Ode to the Birdman

August 26th,


2 cups of coffee, a cup of banana blueberry smoothie.

Paul’s Hat Works has a shop pet. It’s a two year-old Conure, native land, Mexico. Him and Paul 4 have never really gotten along until recently, when a friend came by the shop to help with the garden. This friend, we call him Birdman, is great with animals. Helped me to understand that birds are in a perpetual state of “terrible twos”. You know, needing to be right in the mix of your comings and goings. And if ignored terrifying and ear-piercing screeches fill the air. Bird, (Yeah, I call him Bird, Tones, Parrot and other things that aren’t that nice sometimes.) These days Bird and I have an understanding. I can move freely around the shop working and helping customers and as long as I involve him, he won’t screech uncontrollably. To help with this, the birdman and I built two perches in the shop. One is mobile and small, I can freely move it around the shop. The other one is a swing made from a backyard branch, 2 eye screws,2 hooks and string. Now Tones is back in the game, exploring new territory ( he even took flight and landed in the neighbor’s backyard. We retrieved him unharmed).
He’s a good guy, the bird, doesn’t talk that much, but as the birdman reminded me, he’s a great listener.