The B Garden Revival!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cold cold cold!

1 cup of coffee, need more!

So, it’s taken a while longer, but despite painters mucking up the backyard, various building projects, and always having too much stuff, we’re finally at another good point with our “B Garden.” Paul 2 and a good friend of ours Jimmy James recently built a couple raised beds to grow veggies in, and Paul 4 and our gardener Brennan recently acquired dirt for said beds. However, there are still things we need, and as the vegetable garden is something we hope other Richmond Community members can participate and partake in and our funding for this portion of the hat shop is limited, we are trying to gather the following resources for our B Garden!

1. Bricks

2. Vegetable seedlings and seeds

3. Soil/manure, nutritious varieties

4. Miscelaneous gardening tools

5. Volunteers for helping!

6. Plants and flowers for surrounding the beds.

7. Suggestions!

If you have any of the above items for us, email us at!

~ Paul