The Green Line!

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Overcast, hope we can still see fireworks!

2 Cups of coffee

Since Paul’s Hat Works reopened in 2009, Abbie, Wendy, Olivia, and Kirsten have renovated and restored over a hundred hats belonging to gentlemen and women across the continents. They have transformed some seriously worn and loved hats, into newly minted and revived lids ready for another decade of hard livin’. These happenings spurred the idea for a new line of hats for Fall 2010, however, they won’t actually be new. A.W.O.K.e., Paul’s Hat Works new fall line, is an acronym for “Abbie, Wendy, Olivia, and Kirsten enliven used hats!” Essentially this is the idea of a green, recycled, and re-used line, which is a concept that the Ladies feel the United States is starting to embrace. The Ladies agree one of the best ways to show love for your country is by keeping it healthy and as free of landfill as possible. As 85% of landfill is comprised of textiles, PHW will be taking hats out of the equation. So, for the next few months, in the spirit of the 4th of July and the United States of America, the ladies will be taking hats that have become disheveled, faded, moth eaten, outdated or run over and transforming them into wearable, interesting, and beautiful chapeaus.
The Ladies are excited to announce that, Paul’s Hat Works and the Goodwill are teaming up by collectively asking people to donate the hats they have ceased to cherish. And instead of throwing them away, bring your hat over to Paul’s Hat Works and add it to the  Goodwill barrels displayed in our windows for the months of July and August.  If you donate specifically a felt hat, Paul’s Hat Works will give you a coupon for $25.00 off a new hat or a hat service.
So it’s an all win situation for you, Paul’s Hat Works, Goodwill, our county, and most of all for the hats!

~ Paul