Missing Hat


3 cups of coffee

Wistfully Windy

Tragedy struck this morning on Anza street while paul #2 rode her bike to work.

A Grey Bowler with red binding and grey ribbon with harlequin red diamonds flew off her head and disappeared onto Anza street between 16th and 26th avenue. The full true story to be taken seriously by neighbors and hat aficionados alike can been seen below the flier.

Paul #2 got dressed this morning in her dirty workin’ clothes and hat.

Work hat, a must in everyones hat collection.

Dirty but hardworkin' and loved. Work hat, a must in everyones hat collection.

Plans for the day included building a stage with seamless back drop in the basement workshop to shoot photos of all hats for the up and coming website launch. In her bag she packed fancy clothes to wear while running the shop later in the day and put atop her hat the fancy bowler hat to wear with said fancy outfit. Two hats stacked on top her head she then mounted her bike, and rode to work, sure she felt the bowler still atop her head all the way to Paul’s Hat Works. When she arrived, voila the hat was no where to be found.

Let it be widely known that wearing two hats atop one another is NOT a safe way to transport hats, especially when riding a bicycle (though it is quite ridiculous looking and rather fun to attempt).

This is a plea to neighbors to keep your eyes peeled and pass the word about the missing hat. Posters have been posted in the neighborhood and will not be taken down untill the hat is found. This hat was made collectively for and masterminded by Paul #1. It is her first child, i mean hat. If you see someone wearing the hat, please inform them of our emotional attachment to the hat and direct them to us.

This is also a plea to hear your stories of lost hats…taken by the wind, a camel, or left in a cab. Shared stories could be of comfort. Send your wishes into the wind that our hat is being loved and kept safe in someones possession. Not that it couldn’t take care of itself, being a tough 100% beaver felt hat.