Thursday, June 3rd, 2010


No coffee, I’ll take tea please!

We know it’s been a while, so here’s a post full of updates!!! Firstly, it’s June! And the theme for this month’s window display is BASEBALL! Heeeeeeeey batter batter batter!

3rd Base!

Straw hats are perfect for the ball game!

Can you find Babe Ruth?

Sliding into home!

Beautiful figurines, photos, and baseball cards loaned to us by Paul 4’s dad. It’s Father’s Day this month, and we thought baseball games are one of the all time favorite father/son or father/daughter activities. Which brings me to our Father’s Day Baseball promos!!

1. If you come in with your dad to buy him a new or custom made hat we will give you a 10% discount!

2. Dads: If you bring in ticket stubs from a ball game here in San Francisco, we’ll give you a 10% discounts!

We support the good ‘ol American game of baseball, and the traditional concept of buying your father a gift as a token of remembrance for all of the good times, thoughtful wisdom, and manly guidance that he’s provided. So come on down, PHW wants to see your dad decked out in a fine hat, maybe something that will keep the sun off of his head during the game, or a felt to keep the rain away during one of those unfortunate downpours, but the game must go on.

Next on the list: PHW was one of 5 companies listed in 7X7 as “Best Toppers In Town”! Check it out! And go buy a copy!

What a beautiful straw hat!

What else? Oh yeah, our lovely and elusive mentor and muse Michael Harris, who was the previous owner of PHW, gave us a surprise visit the other day. He was peering through the window trying to be sneaky and then disappear off into the mist, but Paul 3 saw him from across the street, recognized the crease of his hat, came up behind him with a snide “Well, well, well.” We promptly took him the newest changes of the store he’d missed over the last 6 months, and then out to Mexican dinner and margaritas!

The Man, The Mystery, The Bicep

All the Pauls

That’s it for now folks,

~ Paul