PHW Hats On The Runway Tonight!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


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Paul’s Hat Works was invited to participate in “Charity Fashion Show” at Stanford University, and after much preparation, the sending off of 8 straw hats, the making of 150 hat pins for VIP bag souveniers, three of the Pauls are heading off to Stanford tonight in sequins galore and top hats atop to see their hats strut down the runway! We are very excited, nothing like the flashing lights, glitzy outfits, and photo snapping photographers to make the blood pump through one’s veins…We will post pictures from the event at a later date, but wish us bon voyage! Following the show tonight, there will be a “sale” the next day from 12-4, where us and other participating designers will be selling our wares, with a percentage of the proceeds going towards an organization called Kiva, which helps entrepreneurs in less developed countries get started with loans. We are big fans of that of course!

~ Paul