Moustache T-Shirts For Sale!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Sunny out! 
1 cup of coffee
So, the lovely Charlotte Tizzard, our artist friend in Australia, custom drew images for a t-shirts for Moustache May! She used the hats and moustaches from our business card designs! I am in love with all of these strange little moustache characters. Though I have to say the Ballerina is my fav. Paul #2 likes the bicyclist, Paul#3 likes the coffee drinker, and Paul #4 likes the Juggler. The T-shirts are $20.00, so if you want to support PHW and can’t afford a hat, a t-shirt is great way to support us and our artist friend!



The Coffee Drinker and The Walrus


Back of T-shirt




The Ballerina and The Handlebar


The Juggler and The Handlebar


The Mafioso and The Triangular


The Bicyclist and The English


~ Signing Off,