Tis the season…

May 4th 2010!

Sunny (still? 3 days in a row?)

2 large cups of coffee

Tis the season…


That’s right folks, the gals at Paul’s are in the midst of blocking some magnificent montecristi straw bodies as I write this.  We are also waiting (ever so patiently) for a large cuenca order to arrive and yet another montecristi order.  For those of you newer to hats, and perhaps to straw, Paul’s Hat Works carries two different grades of straw, which is what I’m referring to.  They are named after the cities in Ecuador where they were woven, Cuenca and Montecristi.  The cuenca hats have a coarser weave and a lower cost to you, our customers.  The montecristis are what this shop has always been known for, and are so finely woven and light on your head, once you have one you will easily forget you’re even wearing it!  Well, you’ll know you’re wearing it because so many people will compliment you, but I mean, it’s incredibly light.  We hope to have this round of hats on the shelf by next Tuesday, so come on down next week and check ’em out for yourselves!

Anyway, I love the smell of steam meets straw.  It really makes me feel like the season’s are turning.  It helps that the sun keeps shining for us in the Richmond District, too!

Here’s a map of Ecuador, so you can see where your hats are comin’ from.