Moustache May!!!

Thursday, April 15th, 2010


2 Cappuccinos down the hatch

As Paul 3 hinted, we are doing something very manly in May! And it’s Moustaches!!! It’s all about the ‘staches. A very exciting window display will be going up, involving YOU. We want to take pictures of you in your moustache (and hat, or in one of our hats), which should be fully grown if you start NOW, and post them in the window. Be it handlebar, fu manchu, pencil, toothbrush, walrus, horseshoe, etc, any kind is loved! There will be various moustache paraphernalia in the haberdashery all month, and some info about a great cause that we are supporting: Movember. Practice growing your moustache out for Movember for us in May! We will also be having a “Moustache Mish Mash” on May 22, more info to come later. Anywho, if you like moustaches, or men in moustaches, come by in may and we will take a photo of your ‘stache and give you a souvenir. Support manly men!  

~ Paul