An Ode to Charlotte Tizzard

Tuesday April 13th

Could the rainy season finally be over?

One coffee, one cappuccino

Well hello friends,

It’s been a week since we’ve last spoken, and I thought we should take this time to catch up.  How are you?  What’s new in your hat-loving world?  Do tell us, we sincerely want to know.

So, here at Paul’s, we are getting REALLY, and I mean, REALLY EXCITED about the month of May.  We are going to feature a theme that invites all males we know to participate.  We will share more information as May approaches.

Buuut, I do want to take this time to introduce you to our lovely friend and artist, Charlotte Tizzard of CSerpent art.  Paul #1 and Paul #3 met Charlotte and her lovely gentleman friend, Jonathon at the Edwardian Ball this past January.  Charlotte does lovely art and is collaborating with the Paul’s for our next t-shirt design.  I also heard a rumor that we may be selling some of her own art in our shop in the very near future.  We love her.  Oh, and these fine folks live in Australia, so if you’re taking a trip “down under” as they say, go say hi to Charlotte and Jonathon for us, because we miss them!