Queens of Custom!

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010


We are now the Queens of Custom! Not only can you get your custom hat at PHW, you can get measured and pick out your custom button up shirt through Taylor Stitch! Maybe you need something basic for work, something fancy for a black tie event, or something a little more dandified. Maybe you want a basic rounded French cuff:

or a mitered French cuff:

or a mitered 2 button cuff:

1 button or 2, mitered or rounded, french or barrel, it’s up to you! Collars can be custom cut as well, 3 spread to 7:

or button down:

And that’s not all! Want the thread of your button holes to match the center of the bow on your hat? It can be done! Choose from gorgeous swatches of some of the finest cottons in the world. A shirt that is custom “taylored” to fit you specifically. Support start up companies like Taylor Stitch, and support American made products. We’re a fan!

~ Paul