Hats On Young[er] Men


Monday, April 5th, 2010


1 Chocolate Strawberry Cupcake

Ever since us Lady Pauls took over PHW, we would like to think that we are being influential in getting younger men to wear hats. The reality is it’s a better investment to buy a high quality hat when you are young, because then it will last you longer! You can enjoy wearing it for 70 years instead of 20! Not that we’re not still thrilled that gentlemen over the age of 40 buy our hats, just that, we appreciate that younger people are learning to appreciate quality and good craftsmanship. Here are some photos of two young men (under 30 even!) who bought PHW custom hats! And both of these gents spent a lot of time deciding proportion and ribbon customization. 

Quincy in his trilby


His full look


Short brimmed fedora, contrasting bow


His full look


~ Paul