Haberdashery Happenings

April 4th, Sunday

It’s raining, it’s pouring

3 cups of coffee, so far

So. As you may have heard: We are now a haberdashery!  And what better way to welcome in change than with a celebration!  We had a lovely party on the eve of April 1st, and thought we’d share some pictures with you, our dedicated readers.

Michael from Taylor Stitch and Wendy

Olivia and Wendy with ceramic clown comrades

Knox and Todd O., fine fellas in fedoras

Kirsten and Crystal, looking lovely!

Barrett from Taylor Stitch and a pork-pie hat

Olivia and Dan, our vintage-collecting man

Abbie entertating our guests, Jeremy and Andy

Next post, I’ll put up photos of our new products! Stay tuned folks!

Hats off,