March Madness!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

First Cup

“March Madness!” No, not basketball!!!! As some of you Alice in Wonderland fans know, Tim Burton’s reinvention of Alice is coming out this Friday, in March. That’s the kind of madness we’re talking about! The March Hare, the Rabbit Hole, and the Mad Hatter!!!! The Pauls are going to go see the movie in 3D on Friday, all in top hats! So, we thought we should do our window displays in celebration of Wonderland! In the left window is the garden of the Queen of Hearts, with croquet, roses being painted red, flamingos, and hats! In the right window is a black and white tea party, crazy clocks, and a “Door-rat.”

Come by Paul’s Hat Works any time in March for a Cuppa Tea!

~ Paul