The Paul’s Hat Works Tote Bag!

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Overcast and chilly…

Drinking tea, I know, shocking.

It’s very off putting how short this month is, I must say. We are almost through with it! Anywho, we have just finished creating the Paul’s Hat Works Tote Bag (or PHWTB)! It is for customers who get their hat cleaned, and when they pick it up, they are wearing a hat, and thus have nowhere to put newly cleaned hat. There are two sizes: one for big brimmed cowboys and such not, and another for smaller little stingy brimmed fedoras. They’re quite cute, replete with drawstring and handles, so that one can reuse the bag! Check it out:

The Small Tote

The Back of the Big Tote

Replete with Drawstring!

Gros Grain Ribbon Handles!

That’s all for now folks, come on by, get your hat cleaned, and claim your tote!

~ Paul