The Man In the Top Hat Is Down

Tuesday, February 8, 2009


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So, as some of you know, we have a 7 foot wooden man wearing a top hat and tails mounted in front of our store with our hours and phone number etc. Well, someone tried to steal him a month ago, so we remounted him with a chain and bolts. Then someone broke off his hand and took it. And finally, he was knocked down, knocking his head off and breaking the whole man off the base. As the culprits ran off, our good neighbor shot off his gun in the air twice, and they dropped the man but took the head. It’s quite sad that people feel the need to violate and steal, but, we must look at the bright side. Obviously someone thinks our man sign is beautiful enough to put in their home. That’s a bright side, right?

Anyway, the Pauls are offering a reward for the missing head and hat of our man. So if you know of its whereabouts, call us at 415.221.5332. Or email us at

Sincerely Sad,