Your Love Bowlers Me Over!

Monday, February 1, 2010


No coffee yet, but baby, I’m on my way.

Last night, Paul 1 and 3 installed the new window display. Now, the Paul Policy for displays basically is that two Pauls are in charge of each month. So, Paul 3 and I decided to take on February, as we both struggle with the concept, meaning, and activities that surround Valentine’s Day. After spending a lot of time downtown, our fears and sickened stomachs got worse, for how on earth can we do a Valentine’s Day window without it being disgustingly infused with sticky chocolates and pepto bismo pink? Plus, we think being in love can be obnoxious, and if you are in with love someone, can’t you tell them every day, instead of once a year and be so unoriginal as to the buy them the same thing that every other valentine is getting (e.g. flowers, cheap chocolate, bad jewelry).

So, we finally came up with a concept that blends hats and hearts. Literally. Our window display is titled “An Education of the HeArT.” On the left side you see a painting of a hat, with all of its parts labeled, and on the right side, you see a painting of the heart, with all of its parts labeled. We put the heart in hat, so to speak. On the left side on the floor are all of the guts of a hat, unmade leathers, pieces of linings, brims that have been cut off hats, etc. Also, pressed up against the window itself, are definitions of parts of the hat, and definitions of the heart. All in all, a very witty and slightly (gag) touching window, so I hope you can at least walk by PHW and take a gander. And a prize goes to the first person who comments with a hat pun valentine like the ones in our window, e.g. “You Fit Me Better Than My Hat.”

You’re Fedorable,