Window Change

Sunday, January 31st

4 cups of coffee

Today was the last day of Man-Up, hope you made it. If not sorry you’ll have to wallow in the photos because you missed quite a Manly and fresh market.

Break-down was grueling but satisfying; staples, screws, fabric, hats all packed up in the van. Again. Deja vu was experienced all around given we went through the same process last weekend at the Edwardian ball. Load-up, un-load, set-up, break-down, load-up, un-load and put away. Paul’s Hat Works has really been quite mobile these past weeks. But I’ve got to say my back is killing me so maybe we will stay put for a little R&R (ha).

After returning our mobile shop to the shelves of storage in our basement we began our window change (pure passion is our motivation to keep our eyes open and hands moving). It is the 31st after all! Silly you, silly me did you forget the first month of the year has already come to a close? Well onward into February…here’s a sneak peek, and… some photos of January’s window destruction in case you missed it to start with.



Spy on me Sideways


shes a ten!


Special Thanks to Ty at Stage Werx for all of the Mylar Glory!