Edwardian Ball Recap!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weather: Undecided

The Pauls attended and vended the Edwardian Ball quite successfully this past weekend. Paul 2 and Paul 4 attended Friday night, and told us all about it. They had a fantastic time. Paul 1 and 3 attended, and though they had an amazing night, the day at the Regency started out with Paul 1 overflowing a toilet covering the floor with a half inch of water, and the night ended with Paul 3 somehow (?) knocking the entire seat and lid of her toilet off and it slid into another stall…

Anywho, a grand success, met lots of people, saw a lot of beautiful and creative costumes, and a lot of uncreative costumes, but all in all enjoyed talking with people who also appreciate the fine art of dressing up! Here are some photos:

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