He’s Bespoken For

January 20th 2010

Weather: Bipolar!

Coffee: NO MORE!

So I’ve noticed a resurgence in custom men’s wear and I am extremely exited by these happenings and trends.

While talking to this young gentlemen that just moved here from New Orléans he was commenting on these movements like the New Victorians and the Young Fogey’s.  I hadn’t heard of either of these groups so i did a little research.  Then I came upon this web site: http://www.thechap.net/index.html.  Take note of the manifesto.

“Major life style devotees”, our friend Louie.

With varying degrees of strictness young men, women and couples have plunged into a more  formal way of life.  More dinner parties and fine wines; shirts and ties and long coats are finding its way into everyday life.  I am enjoying this thoroughly!