We Just Had the Same Thought

January 16th 2010


Coffee? Yes Please.

I am having this strange feeling that the Ladies are on this collective consciousness train.  You know of this movement i speak of ;a few people have a thought which seems like a good idea then...BOOM!…now it is not just you who has this idea but now friends, family and internet comrades all think the same things.  It seems like some “good idea” Zepplin floated around the world and those of us looking up at the moon, sun or stars that day had the idea permanently stored in the “good idea” memory bank a telepathic promoted to those “like-minded” people.

At first it was just a hat train, now the hat train morphs on.  When introduced to our ring maker i found out she is also a hair stylist at Edo Hair Salon, I mention that it would be amazing to do a show where she sculpted people’s hair into different styles of hats. Thick Bowlers or thin veiled woman’s perch hats.

We entertained the idea, but that was it.

Then when the ladies and i went to the premiere showing of Trauma, at North Beaches Mojitos, there was a woman sporting a large afro. Again,  her hair would look perfect sculpted into a realistic sized Victorian Topper.

This is where it takes off,  month or two later, in a Hat Life news letter,   thought became a reality.

There, on the screen was a picture of Lady Gaga and guess what adorned her head.  That’s right it was a hat that looked like a wide-brimmed summer ladies straw, after further reading, it turns out to be made of her own hair!

Now to further this mania, a fellow hatter Jasmin Zorlu, posted this link about a man who does the same thing with his hair.  He shows us how to blow dry and sculpt it into a flat cap.

I really want to believe I thought of this first.