The Moustachioed Man

January 10th, 2010

Overcast with a chance of laughter.

Well over 4 cups of coffee (thinking about a 5th)

Ok, I have sat on this post for a couple days now because of the serious subject. Also, I needed to investigate the facts before documenting this cultural phenomenon.

Now, i can’t say I would necessarily want to own one of these myself, but there is something about the moustache that i am in love with.

After doing some light reading, these are a few items I’d like to bring to your attention:

1. Pogonotrophy is the act of growing of facial hair

2. Vidal Sassoon says that the moustache is back because the savvy man of today sees it as an inexpensive way to better his look

(Vidal has a lot to say about the history of the moustache. Who knew?)

3. Grooming and styling of the moustache is a complicated and often subconscious psychological decision which can be used to project personality type, sexual desire or the conflict over displaying sexual drive, what ever it be whether true or made up it is till fun to think about, but don’t think about it too much.

4.  A Handlebar Club started after World War II to help the servicemen back from war resist societal pressures to rid themselves of this hairy upper lip.  They held an annual contest for the longest ‘stache.  In 1957 John Roy measured in at 19 inches

Now a days the Handlebar club can be found fighting for facial rights.

5. A tip for mustachioed men on kissing by Art Buchwald: “Rub moustache softly across a woman’s cheek, back and forth, grazing so it touches the skin, causing goose bumps to start from the toes and ascend upward.”

Does this still apply ladies? Get back to me.

6. 60 percent of Harvard seniors sported the moustache in 1880.  I wonder what that percentage is now?

7. In 1929 Los Angeles was home to the Moustache Cafe featuring the Moustache Crepe and Olette.  The only men involve in the cafe wearing a mustache were the two owners.

8. There is a play called the Moustache movement written by an english man named, Robert Barnabas Brough.

9. There are 9 classic moustache styles; the handlebar, the pencil line, the Burnside, the Zapata,             the pointy-waxed, the box(not my favorite look), the triangular, the fu Manchu and the walrus.

or number ten, the combo: walrus-handlebar

10.The book that inspired this is: moustache by Roger Lax and Maria Carvainis. I opened the book tonight and slowly it drew me in,  convincing me to share this.

In conclusion, the moustache and the hat are a very personal feature on a man.  Grooming the right moustache is like choosing the right hat.

So trust your gut when grooming and styling the moustache, it wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion from that special woman and if you don’t have one, you know where to find 4 that will give you their honest opinion.

6128 Geary Blvd ask for Paul.

~Paul, new member of  moustache-love club