There Are Games Afoot…

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Overcast and chilly out

About to make a pot of coffee, shocked that I’m writing the blog first.

It’s still strange to write 2010. It always takes me about 6 months to get used to it, and then it’s almost over! It happens to me every year. The shop was bustling with activity and phone calls early in the morning, very exciting. Yesterday, believe it or not, the Pauls had a meeting for 9 hours. Straight. Well, not straight, Paul 3 will tell you we had an hour and a half lunch break. Get your facts “straight” she would say. Very productive, we “chatted” about a few things, among them, (here I got up and made coffee, I couldn’t wait!) that we will be vending at this year’s Edwardian Ball! It is January 22 &23, Friday night, Saturday day, and Saturday night. Lots of fun, essentially the whole thing “takes place” from 1901-1910, a time when many top hats were worn, as well as bowlers and derbies. We will be there, in an elaborate booth that we’re thinking up, so do come, tickets etc you can find on the website provided, and more info to come!!!

~ Paul