Two Thousand Ten: More Hats On Men!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunny out!

About to pour myself a lovely cup of coffee…

“Two Thousand Ten, Put More Hats on Men”, This is our slogan for 2010. Being a man is so much more than age. It’s maturity in life, maturity in dressing and knowing how to accentuate your best features.  The easiest and most functional way is by wearing a hat!

In other news, Ernie Beyl, an old friend of our predecessor, Michael Harris, interviewed the four of us and Michael in September.   Ernie often writes for theThe Nob Hill Gazette and this month he wrote a super sassy article about us, Paul’s Hat Works and Panama hats. Thanks Ernie!

Onto other things, our new window display is quite glittery and bedazzling, silver shiny everywhere, and pictures of classic “gentlemen” wearing hats, and wearing them well. We are slowly accumulating a list of films featuring many fine hats for the end of the rainy season when we bring back Thirsty for Hat Movies Thursdays. If you have any to add, leave some in a comment.
~ Paul