On the 18th, 19th, and 20th of December…

2 cups of coffee

Sun, quickly replaced by clouds

Alright, so we’re a few days behind on our gift opening in the windows.  This is partially due to the fact that some of the ladies have been staying up until all hours of the night making gifts of their own for friends and family. We do apologize for falling behind on opening presents however!  How silly of us: to forget to open presents!  Who does that?

I always end up blogging on days when the camera is not here, and this holds true today as well.  So, I’ll tell you about the gifts, and try my darndest to post some pics later.  On the 18th day of December we unwrapped a beautiful vintage woman’s hat.  We inherited a handful of beauties when we bought the shop and wanted to share one with you.  (picture coming soon!)

On the 19th of December, my window display gave to me… an exciting “12 days of Christmas” pop-up book!  It’s really fun to read and Olivia’s precious Aunt Anita (queen of pinochle) is graciously letting us borrow it for the holidays.

And, on the 20th of December, my window display gave to me a beautiful straw woven angel.  I don’t know anything about this angel, but it is quite lovely on the eyes and is hanging from the ceiling next to our little Christmas tree.

Gosh, unwrapping a present a day is fun.  Even I don’t know what will come tomorrow!

This evening, the Paul’s are going to exchange gifts with one another.  Oh, speaking of which, Paul’s Hat Works will be closed on Christmas Eve, December 24th, and Christmas Day, December 25th.  Stay tuned for presents galore. Oh and tomorrow is Winter Solstice, which means we get to start adding daylight back into our lives.

Love, Paul