Twas the seventeenth of December

Sunny? Why, yes it was

3-4 cups of coffee

On this lovely day, we opened our present to find a shiny golden hammer.  This hammer, as many of you may guess, is a nod towards Abbie, our bodacious builder.  This hammer, dipped in gold (or spray painted..) is sort of like “my baby’s first shoes” that parents have bronzed.  This is the first hammer Abbie received as a gift.

In other news, our lovely man donning a top hat 8 foot sign that usually resides in the front of the shop bolted to a tree, had to be moved inside due to an attempted kidnapping!  Last night/ early this morning, at around 3 a.m., a car load of folks stole our man!  Lucky for us, we have an incredible neighbor, Royal, who woke up to the ruckus and came downstairs to retrieve our beauty before it was fully kidnapped.  Abbie had to give a police report at 3 a.m., and in the midst of this, a friendly fellow walked by to tell her how happy the man posted out front made him.

Alas, we are going to have to find a better method for protecting our sign… Abbie plus a golden hammer?  I think there’s a solution in that equation for sure!

Love, Paul