On the 13th of December My True Love Gave to Me A Documentary…

Sunday, December 13th, 2009


Cup of coffee number 2

Good afternoon! Tis the day after our Holiday Hat Ball, thank you to all who attended, especially the models and designers! One of the last events of our season at Paul’s Hat Works, now it’s time to buckle down and get my gifts together and prepare for the climax of the Holiday Season. Lots to show and tell in this blog today: presents 12 and 13, as well as pictures from the fashion show, and to top it off, a link to the documentary made about Paul’s Hat Works!

In box number 12, which we didn’t do because we were busy preparing for the event and sewing tailcoats like mad:


A pair of precious black heels, the perfect kind for going to Holiday Parties in!

In box number 13, it is none other than the North Pole! I love the North Pole, especially the one in A Santa Claus!

The North Pole!!!!

Ok, now for the fashion show pictures!

Kate modeling Heidi Paul

Kate modeling Heidi paul

Quince the Prince, modeling Taylor Stitch

Misty modeling Heidi Paul

Hailey modeling Heidi Paul and Paul's Hat Works

Sheena modeling Heidi Paul on the Runway

Quincy modeling Taylor Stitch

Kate modeling Chihiro Imamura

Hailey modeling Jasmin Zorlu

Maya modeling Chihiro Imamura

Misty Modeling Alex Zeek

Misty modeling more of Alex Zeek

Sheena in Alex Zeek

Jack Frost by Alex Zeek & Robin

Lady Christmas by Alex Zeek

The models!!

Sheena on the Swing!

Aren’t those great photos! And now, the link to our short documentary of Paul’s Hat Works by John Rory Fraser! Let us know what you think!


That’s it for now,