Tail Coats Out Our Ears

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Romantic Drizzle, not so romantic wind.

Comfort in my first warm cup of coffee, the crooning of the Andrew Sisters and my sassy top hat.

Tail Coats

Today on the back burner of agenda is making four lined, themed, custom fit tail coats. Compliments of our custom tailor and dressmaker brain Sir Alex Zeek. He’s in charge and we will sew like mad to meet our deadline of SATURDAY night! We’re hosting the hat ball which of course calls for tailcoats. By they way did I mention this is an impossible dealine. Two of the Pauls will also be making mini pumkin and pear tarts for our guests on saturday. You wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity to eat tarts in your finest tailcoat would you?

Event Interlude

It’s the midst of December, and we have a grand event we do hope you will attend. Months of preparation bring you A Holiday Hat Ball, for it’s not enough for the “Pauls” to provide hats for the public, we must also provide events where you are allowed, and in fact
encouraged, to dress up and have a ball!
Saturday, December 12, 2009 at 8:00pm – 12:00am
The Box Factory (used to be a box factory, has been converted to one of the citys finest live/work artist studios and gallery.)
865 Florida St. San Francisco, CA
For more info: howdy@hatworksbypaul.com
A fantastic ball this will be!
8:00 doors open
9:00 screening of 5 minute documentary of Paul’s Hat Works made by Stanford MFA student Rory Fraser
10:00 Hat Fashion show: Featuring Paul’s Hat Works, Jasmin Zoorlu, Alex Zeek, Juan Fernando Valdez, Taylor Stitch, Chihiro Imamura & more!
Also, silent auction of hats and fashion, great for Christmas gifts, and holiday cocktails: Mistletoe Kiss Champagne, Frostbites,
Peppermint Kahlua Hot Chocolate. Live Jazz band all night! Elegant Attire Required! A great excuse to don that top hat and tails, and mingle with other lovers of fine dress whilst sipping a bubbly beverage and swaying to the fine whine of the
$10.00 at the door, $8.00 if you wear a hat!
Hope to see you!

At the Shop

On the front burner of tasks to accomplish of course is making hats and conversing with the customers that we’re expecting throughout the day. Yesterday I fixed a hat for a man while we listened to Herb Albert (newest record via estate sale score!). Turns out it was one of his dad’s favorites. Coffee, music, making hats and hearing the stories of those who visit our counter satisfy my day. It was a cosy day here yesterday and I expect the same today.

So many visitors yesterday I didn’t get a chance to reveal to you The 10th of December! Thank you for your patience and I present to you the 10th.Willie Nelson joined us yesterday with his album Pretty Paper. The album from 1979 comes wrapped in fake pretty paper with a stamp of good old Willie in a Christmas Cap. Well I guess he needs a hat but we’ll still let him fill our shop with Christmas tunes. A nice change from the usuals.

Coming up quick behind I also share with you today the 11th of December as well. It appears to be a large Christmas bulb spliced open showing a snowman inside its cross section. “I call it frosty captive”

Anywho, I wish your heads the best in staying warm and dry, if thats not working out for you come see us and we will see what we can do.