On the Seventh and Eighth Days of December…

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Sooooooooooo cold! Space heater in lap.

1 cup of coffee I had at Joe’s because I had the wrong keys to open the hat shop this morning and Kirsten had to come to my rescue.

Spanish verb of the day (a new installation to help the Pauls prepare for Ecuador: Congelar = to freeze, helada = freeze (helado is ice cream, that makes sense)

Ok, so, number 7 (we are closed on Mondays so I’m doing it now) was a Paul’s Hat Works Mug!

#7! A PHW mug!

Close up! Look at the 4 little hats!

The Full Set!

This has several significances. 1 being that we drink an absurd amount of coffee as you probably know, and the PHW mugs we drink out of every day, we’ve taken to bringing them to Joe’s when we eat breakfast so that we stop taking Joe’s mugs back to the hat shop with our leftover coffee. They were specially made and gifted to us by friends of Abbie’s parents who have an advertising company, PJ and Ray Goodson! So sweet! Another angle with these mugs is that we’ve thought about ordering more and selling them. Why? You ask. Because we are very understanding of the fact that not a lot of people can afford to buy one of our hats, but still appreciate what we’re doing and want to support us. We do sell “I helped bring the hat back t-shirts” and we were thinking of selling the mugs with the little saucers they come with. All in favor say “aye” (in a comment).

On to present #8:


A choo choo train! I hand gift wrapped every car so that it could still go before it was opened, but now it is revealed! Lovingly loaned by Kirsten’s mother, the train is a classic addition to any holiday window display, and greatly loved by the boys (and men) who pass through the shop.

Well, off to sling hats,

~ Paul