Six days into December…

We have opened box numbered 6 of our 3-dimensional Advent calendar.  It’s another stuffed animal, this time a penguin wearing a little hat. How cute! Pardon me if i’m not jumping up and down with excitement.  I am not feeling well… Anyways to give you a little background info on this cute antarctic relic.  This used to be a hood ornament on a truck that vended at a flea market Micheal Harris (our predecessor), would shop at.  For five long years Micheal would try to buy the penguin off the guy.  He always said no…  Then, one day the creature fell off and the guy sold it to Micheal for some ridiculous high price.  If that wasn’t crazy enough,  Micheal brought it back to the shop and took it apart feather by feather.  The penguin had become so dirty, that an emblem that marked “property of the Queen” had been covered for as long as the creature stood on the hood.

Fact or Fiction?  You make the call!