On the fifth day of December

Cold, cold indeed.

2 cups of coffee

I can’t find the camera in this hat shop o’ mine, filled to the brim with everything you could ever possibly need from sixteen pairs of high heels to a few cans of green beans from Olivia’s stepmom, but no camera in sight?  Anyway, with this news, I am delayed on posting the fifth present that has been unvieled in the hat shop window display.  So, together we’ll share the suspense until one of the other Paul’s comes back to show me that the camera is sitting right in front of me, I’m sure.

On another note, we participated in a great event last night at Edo Salon.  It appears that Hight and Steiner, plus its surrounding neighborhood are beginning a “first friday” of sorts and last night was the debut.  Paul’s Hat Works hats got shown off by fabulous women in a fashion show.  It was a jolly good time, with hot toddies and plenty of smiling guests.  Pictures to follow of this as well.  Stay tuned!