On the third day of December…

2-3 cups of coffee

Cold, sunny, well, dark at 5 p.m.

On the third day of December my window display gave to me:


A semi-taxidermied-more like dipped in shellac piranha wearing a hat!  Now, as some of you may recall, this piranha already has an entire blog post dedicated to its glory.  If you are newer to our blog, do check out our past blog entitled “Michael Harris: The Man, The Myth, The Taxidermy” from the 7th of August.

This gift from our window display to the public holds a special place in one Paul’s heart (Wendy).  This particular creature was found on day one of renovation and ownership of the shop: June 6th, 2009.  Now, since that time, we Paul’s have come a long way, be it from how much time, sweat, and late nights we’ve spent in the shop, or from the panama hats, felt hats, and now top hats we have produced and debuted.  Throughout this journey, this piranha has lived upstairs in the accounting office.  This month we are sharing one of our many quirky trinkets, and we are giving the piranha a view of the world that is probably a little more exciting than bank statements and calculations.

See you tomorrow with our next window discovery!  Happy Holidays from the Paul’s and the piranhas (yes, there are more taxidermied piranhas in the shop– come see them)