The Second Day, the Day After

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Foggy, cold, brrr

1 cup of coffee!!! Tastes so good after so long.

We had a very lovely evening with friends, customers, and other hat afficianados. The Dimestore Dandy was grand success, very friendly and fit right in with the shop! Mulled wine, and top hats color contributed to a very warm and colorful evening. First thing’s first though, must post the “item” in gift number 2!!!

It's a little ice skating ring with a ferris wheel on the left!

This is a lovely little Christmas Scene lent to me from my great Aunt Anita. Now, Aunt Anita used to throw some of the best Christmas parties, and my favorite part as a small girl was wandering around her living room looking at her many little Christmas things that all made music or moved or both. This particular one is quite nice, the ice skaters are magnetized so they actually skate around the pond, and the ferris wheel moves!

Ok, on to the picture from the party!

The Moo looking dapper in brown top hat

The Moo looking dapper in a brown top hat

Me and the Dandy

Me and the Dandy

Pie and I

Eric and Peggy, newfound friends of the Pauls

Caught Dana as she walked in the door

Abbie & I, smiling at our guests

The full length view

Ah, the evil twins

Colin! And his green and red plaid shirt!

Look at those lovely ladies!

The Pauls and the Dimestore Dandy!

What a trio!

Kirsten singing with the Dimestore Dandy

The Dimestore Dandy!

Two ladies on the arms of a fine gentleman

Wendy and Misty

~ Paul