On The First Day of Christmas…

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Herbal tea with ginger, lime, brandy: 1 cup

Today is our little Top Hat Premier! And the first “gift” in our window is a Christmas Tree!

Number 1!

Christmas tree


1. An evergreen or artificial tree decorated, as with lights and ornaments, during the Christmas season.
2. A device comprised of pipes and valves that caps a producing natural gas or oil well and controls its flow. (?)
I grew up out in the woods in Northern California, so artificial trees like the one in our window weren’t part of my childhood. Instead, at the beginning of the month, my mom, dad, and two sisters and I would trudge through rain, mud, or snow, all around our property to find the perfect tree. Mind you, all of the trees were very Charlie Brown-ish, but I always found one that seemed more symmetrical or more full than the others. Then there was the chop down, and the installation. I have always been a holiday enthusiast, maybe because I come from a family of 5 aunts, 1 great aunt, and one grandma, all of whom love to host holiday events. The decoration of the tree was always one of my favorite parts, we would pull out old Christmas music tapes with classic Motown tunes, and I would seek out my favorite ornaments. Our tree wasn’t the classic lights and bulbs and star, we had ornaments of all shapes and sizes, hand made, store bought, if you can think of it, it was probably on our tree. My favorites were these beautiful little dancer ladies, with swirling costumes of gold and blue and red. At the end of the day, we got to sit with the lights off and stare at this beautiful tree that we had created, and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Which is kind of how I feel now, as our Christmas decor at the shop is up, everything is spick and span, and a top hat gets to adorn my tired little head.
In short, I’m tenderly excited about this very first Christmas at Paul’s Hat Works with the Pauls…This December is going to be jam packed with so many great Holiday parties, activities, outfits, people, ice-skating, theatre, fashion shows, stuffing stockings, and a cat with red ribbon around her neck…

Ok, fine, you're cute Bettina.

Oops, she caught me!

~ Paul