The B Garden!

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Sunny but chilly, prospects of fur

About to put on a pot of coffee…

The B Garden, as it is named for now (B for Brennan our gardener, or in the context of we’re growing a whole bunch of busy bees) has been a project since we first bought the shop in June. In case you weren’t aware, behind the hat shop there is a pretty sizable back yard, and as our yard at our real home isn’t fit for anything to grow, we have happily projected our fantasies from the house to the hat shop. However, as it stands, all of us combined can’t keep a succulent alive, so our chum Brennan is designated life guard of our plants. He started clearing and weeding what was out there when we got it in June, and proceeded to plant things here and there. A great effort, but with all of the renovation projects they kept getting trampled. Poor Gardener B. Then came tearing down the big staple infested green house. Even more of a wreckage in the backyard. That was six weeks ago, and some of the pieces still littered the garden. So, at our last meeting (which we have every Monday mornings at Joe’s Diner), I put my foot down and said “We must gather our energies next Monday and clean up this garden for Mr. B once and for all.” The Pauls completely agreed, and so, this morning, we donned our dirty clothes and got the good deed done. Hurray for that! It looks great now, and is a nice clean slate for Gardener B to start with. So, hopefully this upcoming weekend of the 21st and 22nd, we can work on the layout of the garden.  Here’s all the things our backyard must contain: A table/shed area to harden top hats, a seating area with brick patio for watching movies, a vegetable garden, trees (that are already there), and flower and shrubbery areas. The vegetable garden is something we hope other Richmond Community members can participate and partake in.

As our funding for this portion of the hat shop is limited, we are trying to gather the following resources for building raised beds, a patio, and things we need for growing:

1. Bricks

2. Red wood in any shape for raised beds. Or other wood that will work, preferably not plywood

3. Soil/manure

4. Miscelaneous gardening tools

5. Shade loving plants and flowers

6. Seeds or seedlings for vegetable garden

7. Suggestions!

Anywho, if you want to help or have any of these things shoot us an email at

I’m very excited to see it all come together!

This Bee reminds me of Brennan!

This Bee reminds me of Brennan!

~ Paul