Hat Flash Mob! And Thirsty for Hat Movies!

Sunday, November 9th, 2009

Dark at 5:00 pm!

Want some coffee

So two things this week, first: Thirsty for Hat Movies Thursdays, featuring The Sting! Great film. Secondly, a Hat Flash Mob on Sunday in Union Square! We want to fill the square with people wearing hats, looking nice, and doing normal things, so we can take photos and prove that it’s possible to go back and embrace some old traditions! We are trying to bring the hat back and make life what it used to be prior to 1960: Nobody left the house without wearing a hat. We are only asking for fifteen minutes of your time from 12:00 until 12:15 in the afternoon, come to Union Square, have a cuppa coffee, read the paper, chat with someone, wear any old hat you like! We will be bringing a cart of hats for people to throw on if you don’t have one and all you have is a baseball cap. *cough*

Let’s Bring the Hat Back! Please come!

P.S. If it’s raining it’s automatically canceled!

~ Paul