To the Undertakers with love, Paul

I’d like to recap October.  It started with our Felt hat premier, meeting the Taylor Stitch Gentlemen, going to new places like the Presidents Cup, theatre shows, floods, pop up parties,  Disneyland, pumpkin carving, costume sales, documentaries.  Amidst all the activities the Pauls had been attending community art meetings to plan and build the best Haunted House on this side of the Golden Gates.  Sandwiched between all these events we found ourselves building 7 feet tall cardboard trees, painting 100 continuous feet of white bed sheets, and transforming spaces.  This year was the most difficult for this Paul who found the Haunted House to be another full-time job.  Next year I will not take on as much responsibility.  Despite the mad rush and working into the wee hours of morn right up till the last hour, the House doors were open, children of all ages old and young, first timers and veterans waited in line.  The Really Really Big Bad wolf on 7-feet  tall stilts gave them a good fright. The front of the line listened to Alice tell tall tales before the descended down the slide and into the belly of the book where the hauntees faced angry fairy tale Authors and characters.  I won’t give it all away but really there are too many tales to tell.  The group that puts on this event collaborates throughout the year planning.  There are many different people working on this events that come from all over the bay area with different backgrounds and areas of expertise.  Why do we do this?  Because this is a right of passage giving people a chance to face their own fears, get scared and come out of it laughing– well most of them and it’s fun to scare people.  I want to take a moment to thank every individual who has been a part of this group.  Thank you for showing me community, thank you for teaching me about responsibility, thank you for being dependable.  Thank you for sharing in the joy of creating and destroying spaces, inviting the community to share in our fun and fears, and putting Halloween and the Richmond district on the forefront of our priorities each year.