A Small Documentary About Yours Truly: Paul’s

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Sunny, chilly in the shade

1 cuppa coffee

A few weeks ago a young man emailed Paul’s to say that he had read the article about us, and found the story so fascinating that he was interested in making a 5 minute documentary about the ladies at Paul’s for a class project he had at Stanford. He came to Paul’s this weekend, with the help of his lovely assistant, and proceeded to film the goings on with a beautiful old camera. The film is to be in black and white, silent images with a narration on top. It will be screened at Stanford on December 10th, and we will do a screening at the shop later on as well. It’s very exciting, and we are happy to be part of this experience!

Rory getting a good shot of Paul's polka dotted shoesRory with his lovely assistantdazzling! The camera that is. That camera is something else.What a dynmic duo!


~ Paul