Paul’s Hat Works in Numbers

Half a pot left, just after noon.  Potato pancakes are sizzling.  Listening to Abbott and Costello radio show circa 1942, brought to us by Sheldon Levy.

Hello my name is Saul and I have been an admirer of the Paul’s Hat works revival since I heard about it on one sunny (rare) summer afternoon  on an elementary playground in the Richmond District of howling San Francisco . I met the Pauls and was shocked to learn that they live, work and play together at all hours of the day and night, with unequivical passion and fervor. I thought to myself “Is this a cult? This has all the earmarks of a cult.”

Well the jury is still out as to whether Paul’s hat works is a cult or not, but here are some numbers to give you an idea of what they have been up to.

It has been 42 days since the grand opening, and it is safe to say that the honeymoon is over. Here is a quick recap;

Straw 2009

Straw 2009

Felt 2009

shopmakeover including  window display, greenhouse torndown, two new steamers,

10 thousand yards of vintage ribbon

-300 hundred hat boxes

25 new genuine handmade hats sold

-over 35 cleaning and repair orders

-4 work related injuries

Three “coming out into the city” soirees :

The Workers Party

Le Opening Grande

The Felt Hat Line Premie

Their work is beautiful and inspiring– they do pour their hearts and souls into this shop and it shows.  Their work-ethic and energy is inspiring and contagious. I have a feeling this marriage is going to last.