Taylor Stitch: Fine Men’s Shirts

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Still sunny

Haven’t had a moment to pour myself a new cup of coffee!

Two of the Three TaylorStitch Gents

Two of the Three TaylorStitch Gents

Several days ago us four young ladies met three young gentlemen that are doing something noteworthy and similar to what we are doing: helping to bring class back. They are starting an online men’s custom shirt company, and we can personally affirm that these shirts are quite beautiful, and are different from any we’ve ever seen before. Mike, Michael, and Barrett, are the names of these gents, and they have quite the classic style with their own personal modern twist. I think we all get along famously, and so, we will hopefully collaborate together to give all you lovely men out there help in choosing and some of the finest men’s clothing and accessories you can find.

Check out their blog, their website will be up soon:

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