OUR HATS at Circle and Square

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sunny and Blues-y

1 cuppa

Side note, last night’s felt premier was a grand success, thank you to everyone who came it, ’twas a whole lot of fun.

This morning Paul and I went at 8 in the morning to add to the window displays of Circle and Square, an upscale women’s consignment store specializing in handmade accessories made for women by women. We put hat boxes, irons, blocks, and our hats in their window! Go check them out, on Presidio between Sacramento and Clay. Circle and Square is the first place to carry Paul’s Hat Works Lids other than ourselves! We are furthermore collaborating with the ladies at Circle and Square to put on a fun mingle, meet, and see event on OCTOBER 15, all day, at Circle and Square where models will be wearing Cashmere Creations by Heidi Paul and hats by Yours Truly. ‘Twill be fun; champagne, sweet nibbles, sassy ladies, and classy clothing. Do show up, in your Thursday Best, and celebrate the amalgamation of lady artists and entrepreneurs!

Bunny & Heidi of Circle and Square

Bunny & Heidi of Circle and Square

~ Paul