Success with Thirsty for Hat Movies!

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Starry, birthdays in sight.

2 glasses of wine in

Last night we had a successful screening of Hello Dolly, some lovely people came, it was a beautiful night, starry out. Wine, popcorn, singing along, what a success! The next Thursday will be October 1, which is the premier of our felt line with an all day open studio and cocktail party from 7-10.

Today a bunch of people from the Undertakers, a group that puts on a fantastic free haunted house every year in the Richmond District, are helping us tear down the greenhouse. A bittersweet occasion, but the wood is rotting out and we want to put a lovely vegetable garden in! Anywho, lots going down here at the shop, and I want to end by thanking Chris, a man who came today because he read the article in the Chron, and he gave us a beautiful photograph of the Midwinters Fair in Golden Gate Park in 1893, and everyone in the picture is wearing a hat! And there are thousands! That’s our ten year goal, by our 100th year of business, in 2018, we want to get to a point where everyone has a hat.

~ Paul