Bringing Back Classy

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Foggy, sunny, foggy


Ever since the opening of the shop I, as the marketing chief, have made a point of getting us ladies out there going to events out in the bay area. Three goals here: 1) show off our hats 2) network with all kinds of folks 3) Support fellow artists. It’s also an excuse to dress up even more. Anyway, last night Wendy and I ventured over the bay bridge, parked in front of a gigantic palm/leafy/tropical tree that Wendy had to crawl through in order to leave the car, and walked over to Berkeley Repertory Theatre, where we saw “American Idiots.” Aside from being a fairly cute show with great sets and incredible singing about punk boy musicians in the 90’s, it was written by Green Day, a band local to the Bay Area, the drummer actually growing up in Willits, which is where I’m from. Our main reason for seeing this show, aside from the fact that it was opening night and we got to feel “all grown up like” consuming the smorgis board of mini cheesecakes and quarter sized chocolate mousse, was that our good friend Alex Zeek helped with making costumes and is on wardrobe crew for the run of the show. Alex is one of the most naturally talented people I’ve ever met. Those of you who came to our opening or saw pictures, Alex was the genius seamster who made our dresses. He’s incredibly talented, tends to stay behind the scenes, but nonetheless deserves a shout out. If anyone out there ever needs a custom designed and made outfit, whether it’s a lovely evening gown or three piece suit, Alex is the man for the job. He’s incredibly reasonable, and can help find you good fabric deals. An all around charming fellow, we wanted to say “thank you” to him for all that he’s done for us!

Alex and I at the most magical place on earth!

Alex and I at the most magical place on earth!

~ Paul