Injuries amidst success

September 14

Sunny, mucho cafe

This past weekend was a whirlwind of activity.  We had an article on the 2nd page of the chronicle, Olivia had a “they forced me to graduate college, so I guess I’ll celebrate” party in El Sobrante with the family, we made A LOT of progress on our felt line, started making top hats, and we all suffered varying degrees of hat injuries while answering a phone that rang-rang-oh is ringing right now…

Now, Let me tell you a few of the highlights:  Olivia was steaming an outfit for our night out to Neiman Marcus last week.  Seems simple enough right?  Using a steamer rather than an iron is quicker and it was plugged in anyway.  Well, she was wearing her outfit while steaming to save time and burned her leg pretty nicely!

Photo 37

Wendy was flanging hats into the night and a spring cord snapped (twice!) and left some awesome welts across her torso.  Then, last night, all four hatters were trying to utilize the work space at the same time, and Wendy backed right into a hot plate filled with irons.  So, she too has a nice burn on her leg.

Abbie was leaning over Olivia’s sewing machine because the light is not working and a piece of the machine literally punched her in the face!  She has a nice bruise on her forehead to prove it.

Kirsten’s hands are on their way to being raw from pulling so hard on the top hat fur to shape it over the blocks.  Her injury is less hilarious and ridiculous than the others, but hopefully shows you how hard making top hats is!

Anyway, without injury, where would the hats be?  Without punches from sewing machines and snaps from cords, where would the delirious giggles come from?  A good injury shows dedication to the hats.  It’s like “for you hat, I will sacrifice not only my time and sanity, but will literally give you the skin off my back (face, leg, stomach, hand, etc)