Why I Love Being Married To Three Pauls:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cloudy in the East Bay, Sunny in My Mind


I want to write a small appreciation note to my three partners in crime: Paul, Paul, and Paul. Some of you may have been at our “commitment ceremony,” and know that we have pledged to be loyal to each other and the hatworks, to support each other in the business and our lives, and to be understanding of each other. Well, it’s because of these promises and the integrity that these Pauls have that the four of us as individuals can maintain a [semblance] of a life outside of Paul’s Hat Works. If one of us, like myself, needs to take the night off of production to go spend time with family, because of everyone else’s hard work and trust, we can do that. I spent last night with my family that I love, lots from out of town, and I’m only able to do that because my mind rests easy knowing that three capable and enthusiastic Pauls are back home keeping the bench warm so to speak and pumping out more quality lids for our next event. I want to say thank you to those Pauls, for going into this venture whole heartedly and fully, for working so hard, and I would not and could not have conceived of ever doing this without you.

~ Paul, your ever loving wife/husband/business partner/friend/roommate/biggest fan