Peace in the Panhandle

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Today Paul 1 and 2 brought their antics in to the Panhandle.  Not panhandling, but spreading peace in the panhandle.


It is an event that our friend and box factory mistress Bernadette, puts together every year in association with Power to the peaceful, an all day free concert in GGP.  This event was for children and their parents.  We arrived at 4 to a gigantic peace sign made by sprinkled flour on to the grass.  There were lots of kids from 13 to 2.  Paul’s Hat Works supplied our costume hats for the kids to wear, do yoga in, and even perform in!  That’s right…this is PeaceOut, IMG_7186

a band from the Blue Bear School of Music, made up of very high energy girls ages 8 to 10.  They opened the music show case with their rehearsal and  later while I was face painting Ella,a 4th grader who plays the drums for PeaceOut, invited us to watch them perform at the power to the peaceful.  How can you turn that down?


This was a wonderful event.  We will go again next year,  and I invite you all to join. Stay posted for next year’s details.