A Tragedy…

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Very wet, chance of thunderstorms in sky and mood

1 cup of coffee in

Today I got to the shop to open and found that all of our beautiful flowers in our planter box out front had been stolen! This must have happened very late, for Wendy and I left the store at 1:00 am because we were making hats. I’m disappointed in humanity, have we not outgrown stealing from each other and taking advantage? Sigh.

Onto other things, we will be starting tophats today. These are for December only, you can only get a tophat from Paul’s in December! Tophats are very hard to make, and time consuming, so we have to get a head start. Yesterday Kirsten & Abbie did some clowning and facepainting at peace in the panhandle, they will be writing about it and posting pictures soon…

A shout out and thank you to all of our faithful blog readers and suppporters!

~ Paul, dejected but hopeful