Fashion’s Night out in Union Square

The Ladies of Paul’s Hat Works hit Neimen Marcus tonight for Fashion’s Night Out in Union Square. Paul 1, 2 and 3 dressed to the nines in their opening gala dress made by friend and fashionisto Alex Zeek while Paul 4 , the black sheep, dressed in just that.

But the clothes are not what makes these ladies, no it is not. Can You guess what does?… of course, the Hat.

We strolled in wearing our hats and those of 7×7 and fashion lovers were intrigued by our hats. “So are you models here?” “Tell me about this, what are you wearing?” “Nice hats!” Again, we stood out in the way that a diamond does in dust.

As we rode the escalators from floor to floor, I felt great. I felt that we offered something different.

I am proud of our product. I am proud to give alternatives to those gowns and sweater dresses.

Sadly, we were the only few on a mission to bring the hat back. “There were not many hats there.”, Paul 1 says. “It felt like something was missing. Now that we are surrounded by hats and our friends are wearing hats life seems full.”

That is not all we did, you know. we strolled through rooms gaining inspiration for our December window display. Just wait folks!

we"ll take that


Successful night, I’d say. Now I have to go. Felt is calling my name.