Thirsty For Hat Movies Thursdays

September 6, sunny, relaxed, filled with coffee and lots of cream and sugar

Last night the ladies and I went over to our pal’s home in the Sunset, called the Battlepad (it belongs to fellas in a dance-tastic band called Battlehooch) and had a movie night.  We watched The Sting, a movie set in 1936, starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman.  Oh me oh my the hats in the movie were simply astounding.  Afterward, we concluded that we have to watch the movie again because we just squealed about the hats and the suits and the mustaches, and well, mostly the hats, and didn’t end up catching on to the movie.


Speaking of movies, we are starting a Thirsty for Hat Movies Thursdays event here at the hat shop.  Every other Thursday evening starting this Thursday, September 10 at eight o’clock, we will watch a hat inspired movie or a movie-filled-with-hats.  This week’s pick is Hello Dolly.  R.S.V.P. if you want to come over and watch a movie projected onto the wall of Ace Hardware in our backyard.  Big Thanks and Hats Off to Mr. Brian Darr, the film enthusiast and man behind the projector.